A makeup bag is a carefully curated gallery of products and tools that is as entwined with a woman’s beauty routine as it is with her DNA. Monica Bellucci, the new face of Dolce & Gabbana’s prestigious makeup line, is generous enough to share not only the rarefied contents of her makeup bag, but also her personal beauty story. Bellucci, curious about makeup at a young age, started wearing it at the age of 14. Now, she is the epitome of Italian glamour, never leaving home without at least a coat of mascara. Her long friendship with Domenico and Stefano has resulted in the kind of collaboration most women only dream of. They were able to seamlessly translate the many moods and personalities of Monica into a makeup line that simultaneously reflects the multi-faceted nature of all women. Click through the feature for an insider’s peek at her makeup bag and a reveal of her beauty secrets.